As much as I love forensic art and facial reconstructions, my first love will always be archaeology.

That personable moment when you finally,  and safely, lift an artefact from the ground and are rewarded with a palpable feeling of connection.

Thousands of years may have passed but you are able to match your hand to the polished fingertip prints of someone long ago - a person, with dreams, sorrow and laugher... only a few artefacts, a handful of bones and forgotten descendants as their legacy.

Archaeology is the study of human beings through their past material culture but is the passion of anyone enthused by people and their stories.


Unearthing human bones and extracting the life they led is my passion, with reconstructing and approximating their faces being a wonderful tool to display identity and communicate who that person was.


Archaeological training was obtained from the University of Southampton and the University of Western Ontario.

Osteological training was obtained from the University of Southampton, the University of Western Ontario and Dundee University.

Elysia is currently working with Edinburgh City Council to reconstruct medieval individuals from the Edinburgh Tram project excavations.